Kristian Hutson, M.D., earns Claus D. Walter Award for highest international score on 2021 IBCFPRS/EBCFPRS examination

It’s been a long, hard slog for surgeons around the world, especially those trained in otolaryngology, to try to cope with the ongoing COVID pandemic and burgeoning patient populations. But on October 23-24, 2021, thirteen internationally trained facial plastic surgeons made it to London, in the midst of COVID restrictions, to sit for the 2021 IBCFPRS/EBCFPRS certification examination administered in cooperation with the ABFPRS. (The 2020 IBCFPRS/EBCFPRS examination had to be cancelled due to COVID shutdowns throughout Europe.) The IBCFPRS and the EBCFPRS Board of Directors are extremely proud of all these surgeons for shouldering through extreme conditions to study and then travel to London to sit for the two-day written and oral exam. After analyzing the scores, it gives both Boards great pleasure to announce that Dr. Kristian Hutson earned the highest score on the 2021 exam and will be honored with the Claus D. Walter Award for Academic Excellence at the AAFPRS fall meeting in National Harbor, Maryland (just outside Washington, D.C.).

Dr. Hutson attended St. Georges Hospital Medical School (University of London), one of the oldest medical schools in the UK (with historic alumni including Henry Gray, of Gray’s Anatomy, and John Hunter, an eighteenth century surgical pioneer). Dr. Hutson was awarded a first class Bachelor of Science degree in anatomy and a commendation for his postgraduate Law degree. He undertook his ENT residency training in and around Cambridge, UK.

Dr. Hutson relates, “Even as a boy, I have been an avid drawer and painter. I think my artistic eye for detail and a constant drive for perfection pushed me toward our specialty. My interest in facial plastic surgery was first sparked when as a junior doctor, I came across archival drawings, by former surgeon and art instructor Henry Tonks, of WWI disfigured soldiers who were treated by Sir Harold Gillies (who himself was originally an ENT surgeon).


Professor Henry Tonks: World War I Artist,  Sir Harold Delf Gillies, WWI Surgeon, and Charles Deeks, WWI soldier:  The Birth of Plastic Surgery: Gillies Archives, Queen Mary’s Hospital and The Royal College of Surgeons of England


The dramatic achievements in function and appearance provided by Gillies’ reconstructive surgery really inspired me and opened my eyes to how rewarding such a career could be. This interest was solidified with a further year spent working in plastic surgery at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, the home of the WW2 ‘Guinea Pig Club’ which was a social club and support network for British and allied aircrew injured during World War II who had undergone experimental reconstructive facial plastic surgery, generally after receiving burn injuries in aircraft.”

Dr. Hutson continues, “I was very fortunate to be awarded a funded EAFPS fellowship in London with Alwyn D’Souza and Anil Joshi. I am forever grateful to them both for allowing me to develop my experience across all aspects of facial plastic surgery from complex reconstructions through to facial rejuvenation. I was very humbled to win the Claus Walter award and feel this truly reflects on my mentors’ depth of knowledge, generosity, and keenness to teach.”

“I am currently working as a newly appointed consultant surgeon at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in the UK. I have been able to quickly build on my strong fellowship foundations, taking on both rhinoplasty and facial skin cancer reconstruction. Post EBCFPRS certification, I look forward to getting more involved within EAFPS, and hopefully one day be able to mentor and run a fellowship; encouraging others to become board certified. I look forward to building on my rhinoplasty and reconstructive practice and I hope to be able to follow in the footsteps of my mentors and master a wide range of facial plastic surgery practice. Finally, my wife Emily, mother to our 10 month old daughter, Eleanor, deserves a huge acknowledgement of my thanks for her patience and support as I pursued my training and my career,” concludes Dr. Hutson.

“The IBCFPRS/EBCFPRS examination has been established to encourage applicants for certification to reach for and achieve the highest standards in our profession. That Dr. Kristian Hutson not only passed the examination, but also achieved the highest international score, is a testament to his knowledge and commitment to be the best that he can be. May he serve as an inspiration to others as he continues to promote the advancement of our specialty,” note Drs. Roxana Cobo, IBCFPRS President and Holger Gassner, EBCFPRS President.

To apply for IBCFPRS certification, please go to  or  and click on IBCFPRS for additional details and to download an IBCFPRS application.